Lyndhurst Cooling and Heating Services – Ventilation


Mechanical ventilation in Commercial buildings is necessary to provide a number of air changes to remove stale air and replace it with clean, fresh air. At Lyndhurst we recognise the importance of occupancy wellbeing and therefore our systems are designed to not only meet regulatory requirements but also provide excellent temperature control, increased efficiencies through heat recovery and the removal of external pollutants.

This helps to:

  • Moderate internal temperatures.
  • Reduce the accumulation of moisture and odours that can build up during occupied periods.
  • Create air movement which improves the comfort of occupants.


In commercial developments, mechanical ventilation is typically driven by air handling units (AHU) connected to ductwork and grilles within the building that supplies and extracts air from interior spaces.

Further to the design phase of a system, Lyndhurst can carry out the supply and installation of an agreed ventilation system through our dedicated projects department.

Lyndhurst engineers are highly experienced in the installation of Ventilation / HRV systems and hold all relevant qualifications, safety certificates and accreditations.

Upon completion, our engineers will commission the ventilation / HRV system and carry out a full demonstration of the controls with the client.


Whether your HRV / Installation System was designed, supplied and installed by Lyndhurst or not, we are able to offer a comprehensive maintenance package to ensure your system performs as intended.

To maintain the design life of a system, reduce breakdowns and ensure your ventilation / HRV system is running at optimum efficiency, it is vital to ensure equipment is regularly maintained by our experienced and qualified engineers. Our maintenance department can offer a suitable package to ensure that your ventilation systems continue to run at their optimum.


Lyndhurst have a dedicated service department who can assist with any issue, we always ensure that our reactive calls are dealt with efficiently and within a timescale to suit our client’s needs. Due to the business-critical nature of many ventilation systems we can provide same day attendance when required.

Through suitable design, high quality installation and thorough, regular maintenance, Lyndhurst make every effort to prevent the need for an urgent repair. When you do require this service our 24-hour emergency call-out is available to our maintenance contract clients.